1. What is your logo?

It was an early summer day when I cut a watermelon in half and noticed something I never had before – an intricately beautiful design of the fiber and seeds. It blew me away. How many times had I overlooked this? Too many. Immediately, I knew that this would be incorporated somehow into my business as a nutritionist since it perfectly displayed my philosophy and passion with how Biblical truth permeates physical wellness and nutrition. To me, it not only displayed the necessity of returning to the basics that God originally intended, but I was amazed at how it pointed to the Creator with respect to the Trinity.

As a result of discovering this pattern in the watermelon, I soon began noticing this design in other fruits and vegetables. It turns out, summer squash like zucchini has the exact same design; cucumber and other summer melons share a similar design; and even slicing a bell pepper in half shares this pattern of ‘three’s.’

Thanks to my talented friend Katie Hibbard, this logo is a unique merging of the two main designs found in a watermelon/squash and cucumber/melon. The design points to the creativity that God has unmistakingly woven into Genesis 1:29 foods, and incorporates the addition of leaves to point to all plant foods beyond these select four that God originally established for us. So, next time you cut in half one of these fruits or vegetables, take a peek to see what I see.

3. What is included in the community?

Currently, with my website just launched, I have yet to establish the community. However, in the future it will include e-courses and webinars (on wellness & nutrition, culinary, and Biblical topics), live Q+A sessions, pdf guides, grocery store tour and a members-only Facebook community.

Keep your eyes and ears open for when I start this, and in the mean time, download one of my free guides and get connected with me today!

4. What should I eat?

I’ve written in detail about my nutrition and overall wellness philosophy here.

5. Why isn’t there nutrition facts included with your recipes?

I do not provide nutrition facts with my recipes for a number of reasons.

  1. quality over quantity.
  2. individualized needs.
  3. adaptable recipes/no precise measurements.
  4. I personally don’t believe you should have to count calories/macros, etc. (except for select unique circumstances)

6. What if I eat paleo, vegan, etc. or don’t really care?

Great – welcome! The beauty of how I teach recipes is that it makes them easily customizable. For me, it’s about learning how to make simple swaps and not getting stuck in a rut when looking at recipes, taking any recipe you come across and viewing it as inspiration.

7. Do you offer a weight loss program?

While I believe there are several recommendations that can be made for losing weight, I do not offer a weight loss program. If you have further questions or want to connect with me, please connect with me here.

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