The Food

Just as my general philosophy with nutrition and wellness, I believe eating to support optimal health should be simple. Throughout my own journey of healing and schooling, I have become more and more certain that the best form of medicine is food, and the best food as medicine is daily consumption of a variety and abundance of tastes, colors, and textures of plants. There is a lot of confusion in today’s world around what “healthy” food is, which can be pretty challenging to navigate. I’ve been there, trying to figure out how to be healthy amidst all the different claims hitting me from all directions. Within the scope of about five years I tried no-fat, no-carb, high-fat/keto-ish, paleo, high-meat, and for a time even weighed every ounce of food I put in my body. It was complicated. However, through all of that, I discovered that it’s best to set that aside and return to the basics.

 My philosophy is this – eat the foods God created, the way, or as close to the way as He created them as possible.

The further away we get from this, the further away our bodies get from functioning as He created us to.

It’s not about dieting or counting calories. It’s about food. Whole food. Organic, non-GMO plant foods, because plants ARE superfoods. Beyond this, it’s seasonal and just picked fruits and vegetables that give our bodies more than science even realizes and enables us to thrive. More than one single nutrient – a vitamin, mineral, or even protein – it’s more than the vitamin C, it’s the strawberry; not the beta-carotene, but the carrot. Beyond protein, fat, and carbohydrates, an entire symphony of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and fiber are working together, building upon one another to create optimal health in your gut which translates to the rest of the body. In eating the rainbow, which represents an astounding array of benefits to the body, our bodies are supported to heal and function optimally as God created it to.  

Now I’m the type of person that views life through the mentality that if I’m going to do something better, I may as well do it best. The way I eat is no different because ultimately I want to honor God with everything I am including how I eat. For me, that means eating an abundance of the plants – whole, plant-based, anti-inflammatory, Genesis 1:29 foods and emphasizing traditional preparations (soaking, sprouting, and fermenting). Additionally, I personally eat gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free, and currently am experimenting with completely raw. However, I recognize that everyone is different. My hope though, is that you see just how powerful these plant foods are and that they all are superfoods.

My Style

Keeping in line with my nutrition philosophy, my style of culinary creation is to showcase food as whole and nutrient-dense as possible while still incredibly delicious and satisfying.

However, I do this in a unique fashion.  

All of my recipes and classes emphasize whole, plant-based foods presented through my niche of creating dishes with NO specified measurements. That’s right. I see many people who are confined to recipes and are either.

  • at a loss if they don’t have an ingredient list with measurements and directions in front of them,
  • feeling stuck after making a recipe with the exact amounts specified and it doesn’t turn out as it should,
  • or completely disregarding a recipe that looks incredible but doesn’t align with the way they eat.

Through my food demos and classes, I teach how to use recipes as a guide and inspiration rather than a strict set of rules, not needing to rely on them but finding freedom to adapt and change them. So, my recipes are simple and concise, but also allow for flexibility in your interpretation and creation of them. Ultimately, it’s about having the freedom to take risks, because you never know how incredible something will be until you try!

Further, I teach the process of the recipe and what the final dish should be like. All of this is through the simple formula I have developed that will help equip you to get in your own kitchen and create something unique, delicious, and nourishing all on your own. Making food is an experience to use all five senses, so you’ll learn how become comfortable smelling, tasting, listening, looking, and even touching. All of this, sprinkled with optimal nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Still not sold? Click through the slideshow of photos I’ve taken of some of my own creations!

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