I have a heart for missions and have spent time abroad in the Philippines (read more about my trips). During my trips, I’ve experienced firsthand the difference that eating nutrient-dense, whole foods makes while on site. Not only that, but I also understand how difficult it can be to find those foods while oversees, where circumstances like sanitation may be an issue.

Just like our lives in general, in order to fully carry out the mission God has for us, we must be supported physically with our food. During my trips, I have experience in both packing and traveling with my own food (keeping weight and storage in mind) and scouring for the highest quality food possible while at location.

As a nutritionist, I am here to support you in your work building the Kingdom wherever you are, and remove the time and energy you may spend thinking about nutritious food.

If you are a long or short-term missionary in need of guidance in sourcing the best quality food, please let me know how I can partner with you below.

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